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Dr Sunil Dambhare

Professor Production Engineering, Sustainable Manufacturing,... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Jadhav

Associate Professor CFD, Ventilation ... View Profile

Dr Keval Nikam

Associate Professor Thermal Engineering... View Profile

Dr Amit Umbrajkar

Associate Professor Vibration Analysis, AI , ML , system Design ... View Profile

Mr.A.S. Mali

Assistant Professor Mechanical ... View Profile

Mr Suchit Deshmukh

Assistant Professor PhD completed in renewable energy and working as a... View Profile

Mr Roshan Rathod

Assistant Professor Advance Manufacturing Process ... View Profile

Mrs Bhuvaneswary KVL

Assistant Professor Thermodynamics, Applied Thermodynamics Engineering... View Profile

Mr Raviraj Madhekar

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor... View Profile

Mrs Pragati Ambekar

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor... View Profile

Ms Rutuja Shivdas

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor... View Profile

Atul Pradhan

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineer with clear fundamentals of Eng... View Profile

Prof Ganesh Naik

Assistant Professor Expertise in Thermal, Heat Transfer, Biofuels, IC ... View Profile

Prof Kanchan Rajput

Assistant Professor Mechanical Design Engineering... View Profile

Mr Sushil Gaikwad

Assistant Professor ME in Heat Power Engineering... View Profile

Dr Vikas Dive

Assistant Professor Residual Stress Measurement, Vibration Measurement... View Profile

Dr Sandesh Solepatil

Assistant Professor Expert in Design of Mechanism and automation syste... View Profile

Ms Monika Mane

Assistant Professor Masters in Mechanical design... View Profile

Mrs Amruta Adwant

Assistant Professor Mechatronics... View Profile

Mr Paresh Kulkarni

Assistant Professor Machinability study, Quality Measurements and Mana... View Profile

Mr.Siddharth Shete

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr.Nitesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Material Science Engineering... View Profile

Mr Nitin Motgi

Assistant Professor Mechanical Design... View Profile

Mr Chetan Pawar

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Aniket Kolekar

Associate Professor Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, Polymer matrix com... View Profile